Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’
Martin Luther King Jr.

“If u can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”- Mother Teresa

These very inspiring quotes have changed my mind that what really we are doing in this world. We must do our part of responsibility to present a better life for our brothers, sisters and children who need it badly. “The people are for the people” is a very ancient and universal saying. But generally it doesn’t reflect in our practical life. Unfortunately we have bottled them up limited in our speech and text. whereas, all the capable and privileged community should have extended their hands towards the under privileged and helpless people in our society.

Through my attachment with the society I could realize that there are so many accomplished and kind people who have  positive attention to help the under privileged group. But due to not availability of proper platform, opportunity and several other reasons it does not work out all the time. This I have realized through my experience since I have started my journey for humanity.

Since we live in the society of the developing world, there are several types of problems and difficulties prevailing among the under privileged community. I believe that neither one organization can solve those problems alone nor all the challenges of the society can be faced together. Therefore we need to start developing the standard of life systematically through long term forecasts and meticulous planning. Supported by the Government agencies and national/international co-operations we shall be able to work for the people at the same time we will be able to inspire others to follow our footsteps.

From the very first day onward Joyjatra Foundation is endeavoring to work relentlessly for standing by the people who needed assistance in their merely livelihood. Keeping in mind the very motto “A journey for humanity” Joyjatra Foundation has been on her journey to work in various sectors of social development. This Foundation has emerged into reality initially to undertake the following:

  • To stand by the helpless people.
  • Create the opportunity for education especially for the underprivileged children.
  • Developing medical facilities for Women on specialized avenues like cancer.
  • Improve the standard of sports for girls and special children.
  • Developing safe haven for the senior citizens.
  • Increase community awareness for their self-development.
  • Spreading the activities of foundation across the world.

I am personally happy and convinced with the ongoing activities of the Foundation. I believe that my friends, well-wishers and kind heart people around the globe will join me in this journey to make the lives of under-privileged people of our society habitable. I would like to assure that there are no administrative costs and virtually 100% of any donation reaches the people. If we all join together, the above mentioned important goals will soon be a reality. With all your help, we can continue this invaluable humanitarian effort and serve our community. May the Almighty bless us. Long live humanity, long live “JOYJATRA FOUNDATION”.