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“If you can’t love the visible man, how will you love the invisible God? Mother Teresa’s inspiration in this ideology has started the journey of an organization in the name of “Joyjatra Foundation“. Love, cooperation, sympathy is a human emotion and an emotional experience .Love is a strong expression of affection for a particular person. Who does not want love, cooperation & sympathy? But if you want it is not available. The poor-helpless people of our society are deprived of not being able to get love. In this heartless society, how many people think of the poor? Nobody in this heartless society thinks. And those who think that we do not inspire people to go ahead of them, we often criticize them. If we believe in religion, then speaking it in a traditional language can be said nothing but sin and sin.


Again, there are some people in this society, who have exemplified by sacrificing their lives for the welfare of people to these cheap criticisms without concerning. One of them is, “Mother Teresa”, dedicated the life to the service of humanity. Following the footsteps of Mother Teresa’s glorious work, some enthusiastic people like Sister Helen and some diligent people like her are involved in human service. This initiative can be called the “Sister Helen” and the adventurous efforts of fellow travelers. The organization was born in some days before. It can be told by counting finger stiffs. But it has already responded to the poor people.


In the midst of helpless people of the capital Dhaka, the founder of the JoyJatra Foundation, Chairman Helena Jahangir (Sister Helen), the leaders of the organization could know that due to the lack of money, the death is severely curtailed to the institution called “Shishukoli Bidyaniketon” of Shailokupa, village of Jhenaidah, the education center of disadvantaged children. A team of Joyjatra Foundation, led by Helena Jahangir appeared there from faraway Dhaka. They have not only given scholarships and prizes among the students. They also took responsibility for the life of “Shishukoli Bidyaniketon” education institute.


Helena Jahangir thinks about this: “When the mechanism ensures its self-interest, we reach the example of surviving comfortably. But everyone, despite the opportunity of being able to breathe a lazily in life, gave the verdict itself as a helpless and selfish person. What we are doing, what we are thinking, how the world is moving, whether it will be the next life or the next, whether there is a chance to be rewarded on a positive basis, when the question comes in front of you, then the life of the world is in danger. I want to believe that you are also in the habit of being anxious about the out-of-doors. Do not set standards of abilities, to draw attention to humanity, to influence the light of light in the circle of society, we have something to do with our position. If Helen could fall down alone to send away the immoderate ocean of the vast ocean, maybe it will go a little longer – but do not catch success. When you see your own family, stand aside beside Bangladesh. “


This call to the wealthy people of the society carries the identity and mindset of Sister Helen for the mother-soil-man. In Helen’s words, “we always say that the government does everything. They have been given the responsibility. After 5 years, we are happy to hit the seal once. No, not just the government, we must ensure civil rights by becoming more aware of society. The party that is in power, will come or go, they will try or do, but the real work is ours. “So, the organizers of the Joyajatra Foundation, led by Helena Jahangir, churned the soil and pulse. Better half of entrepreneur Jahangir Alam, chairman of Joyjatra Foundation, women entrepreneur, Rotarian Helena Jahangir, gave life-time (life-time allowance) among the poor people through the initiative of Jayajatra Foundation at BDR house at Chasar village under Burim upazila of Burimganj under Burichang upazila of Comilla. Helena Jahangir did not only pay cash in the poor. Someone who did not even imagine the promise that he had promised.


He lighted the lamps of hope among the poor people and said, “From today onwards, the life allowance for poor people in this village will continue and it will continue in the month of month. In the society like me, if the scholars took such an exceptional step, then the old age would not have to suffer in society. In this way there will not be poor in society. Every women like me stand beside the poor and the society will move forward. In order to build Bangladesh, women will not have social dignity, they will also have to release their economic independence. I understand women’s mind. Working on women and human rights gave me the title of Sister like Mother Teresa for the economic development of women. This proud belong to Burichang Upazila. If you cooperate, you will be next to the development of the area in the coming days. “Meanwhile, women and industrial entrepreneur Sister Helen Jhenaidah recalls the experience of coming and going,


“This way, leaving Dhaka on the way to Jhenaidah, I started from the river to the ground, the rural street, the naked people, and saw the art. Yes, people of the Poly region of Bangladesh are now becoming very modern in consciousness. But we have to pay the infrastructural lending to us. If the self-reliant people of the society are too generous, then the golden Bengal will be a matter of time only. Private development organizations of the country are working, but there is a lot to say about it. I do not want to comment on that. I’m pretty good at this. ‘Helen’ did not have the name of greenery for any name, fame, position, medal. I have a lot of powerful friends – who have the ability to knock me out at the high level state gate of any level. But I do not want it. I want to enrich Bangladeshi red beans by spreading the moral fabric of virtue by virtually suppressing social work. I want a working friend on this platform. You can also come to the service of miserable humanity with your partner. “


This is how Joyjatra Foundation will be moving ahead in front of Helena Jahangir’s ambition. The JoyJatra Foundation is going to benefit the poor people, hope it’s all creative. In this society, this company is encouraged to save the poor from the society. The legend of the Joyjatra Foundation is a collection of people’s hearts in their own motivation .Which will guide the new and the next generations on the path.

Sister Helen argues in her statement that something for the people has done. “Not for propagating myself – I am trying to stand by the people. In order to awaken everyone’s ‘self-consciousness’, we all can be everyone. How old is it to know the old people – I have been spending time with senior people in society. It feels good to spend time with them. What do I do – I’m not going to say that. Just want to say, Helen is becoming turbulent.I have become unreliable in establishing social economic equality. “


Helen’s dreams come true. ‘Joyjatra Foundation’ should be the mile blade of the scourge of this country. The words of Sister Helen’s writings should be reflected in the reality of the neglected-deprived-oppressed-poor people of country.


Can you cry?

Do you cry self-centered!Do you have the habit of flowing to the others tear?

Or just in the mood of the festival, you need to laugh!

All the fight is in the power of sustaining that breath

Dead body, Where is the occasion!

All the tears will be wet in the rain—you

Look, he smiles!