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Our mission is to make the world better.

If you can’t love the visible man, how will you
love the invisible God? Mother Teresa’s inspiration in this ideology has
started the journey of an organization in the name of “Joyjatra

Love, cooperation, sympathy is a human emotion and an emotional experience . Who does not want love, cooperation & sympathy? But if you want it is not available. The poor-helpless people of our society are deprived of not being able to get love. In this heartless society, how many people think of the poor? Nobody in this heartless society thinks. And those who think that we do not inspire people to go ahead of them, we often criticize them.

Sister Helen argues in her statement that something for the people has to be done. “Not for propagating myself – I am trying to stand by the people. In order to awaken everyone’s ‘self-consciousness’, we all can be everyone. I have been spending time with senior people in society. It feels good to spend time with them. The more I stay with them, the more I realize how blessed I am to stand beside them”.

The founder of the JoyJatra Foundation, Helena Jahangir got to know that due to the lack of money, the death is severely curtailed to the institution called “Shishukoli Bidyaniketon” of Shailokupa, Jhenaidah, the education center of disadvantaged children. A team of Joyjatra Foundation led by Helena Jahangir appeared there from Dhaka. They have not only given scholarships and prizes among the students. They also took responsibility for the life of “Shishukoli Bidyaniketon” education institute.